Kitchens & Food Hygiene

Here at the Stables we pride ourselves on our high standards, especially when it comes to cleanliness and food hygiene.

Our benchmark for this is “Scores on the doors” a system for health inspectors from over 125 councils up and down the country. Its aim is to measure the food hygiene performance from all businesses within the food industry and rate them accordingly.

Scores on the doors was introduced to Doncaster in 2008, and in that first year only four restaurants achieved the maximum 5 star award, The Stables was one of the four. We have been awarded 5 stars every year since after a top to toe inspection on 26th May 2013 it was 5 stars again. Click here to see information on The Stables.

Food Hygiene and cleanliness is in our ethos “clean kitchen, clean food” it’s a simple philosophy but essential for the wellbeing of all our customers.

So if you or someone you know is looking at a hotel or restaurant for an upcoming wedding, a birthday party, a conference or you are just taking the family out for Sunday lunch have a look on the “scores on the doors” website and see how clean the health inspectors think their kitchens are and how hygienic their food is. Remember Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares’ is not just for the TV.

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