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The Adidas Energy 100 Boxing Gloves have the following features:These Adidas boxing gloves are suitable for both beginning and advanced (kick)boxers. The glove exists of one piece from the fingertips up until the end of the wrist, which provides optimal protection. The elastic Velcro strap makes sure that you can fasten the gloves very tight and also provides extra protection. Specifications: Adidas boxing gloves Exist of one piece Preformed wrist Velcro strap Colour: black - pink Sizing: Boxing gloves have different sizes. The size of a boxing glove is based on the weight expressed in Oz. (ounce), from which 1 ounce the same is as28,349gram. The amount "ounce" provides the thickness of the gloves. The heavier the person, the more heavy the glove should be. The sizes 8, 10 and 12 ounce are mainly focused on kids. The size 14 ounce is especially focused on women or men that are not large and heavy. The size 16 ounce is for all men or for women that are heavier than 70 kg or for people that want a heavier training. To have an even heavier training 18 ounce gloves can also be delivered. The following sizes are suitable for boxing gloves: 6 Oz: 170,094 gram8 Oz: 226,792 gram - match; junior size 10 Oz: 283,490 gram - match 12 Oz: 340,188 gram - sparring 14 Oz: 396,886 gram - training 16 Oz: 453,584 gram - training 18 Oz: 510,282 gram - heavy training Tags: boxing gloves

Adidas Energy 100 Boxing Gloves B019Z3PXJU

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